Here's me:

I'm Stacy and I thoughtfully design and lovingly handcraft every single piece of Form & Funktion jewelry. I’m convinced that we thrive in life when we believe in ourselves, inhabit our stories and command our own power. My passion for helping people express who they are began with my work as a therapist. Now as the sole proprietor, jewelry designer and metal smith of Form & Funktion, my mission is to create pieces that let the wearer claim her uniqueness, amplify her strength and own her beauty. 

I spend my days handcrafting jewelry in a studio surrounded by redwood trees in Sonoma County, California. I love the way a piece I am working on tells me what it needs and when it’s finished. On my best days, I feel like a vehicle for something pouring through me, connecting me to the entire world.

People who wear my jewelry tell me it reminds them to nurture themselves, and to believe they can succeed at whatever they choose, however high they set their sights. I like to think they are receiving my fondest wish for them, hammered into metal and faceted in stone. 


Here’s you:

When you put on a bit of beauty that reflects the genuine you, it amps up your inner light. It refracts your true colors and invigorates your daily life. You are a superhero in plain sight, a potent, compassionate, jaw-dropping presence. You’re a force for good, capable of making a brilliant difference. Go ahead! Slip into your magnificent jewelry and unfurl your cape. Shine your gorgeous light. Change your world.


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